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9 November 2017

Recently I've been a bit lazy with my art. I don't have a huge amount of space at home to work in any way, so aside from doodling in my bedroom, there's not much I can do regularly without taking over the whole house.

It's quite frustrating, especially when you like to make a mess and pour paint everywhere without staining ever surface. That's why I've been turning to my iPhone to help manipulate paintings without the need to also turn on my (very slow and very annoying) MacBook.

Outline Amy iPhone art Outline Amy iPhone art Outline Amy iPhone art

I've been using three apps to help me do this, iColorama S, ColorStory, and Trigraphy. Usually, I'll take some photos of a painting either with my iPhone or with my Sony a5000 camera - it has wifi so I can import the photos to my phone with ease. Then I'll import them into whichever app I want to use and play around.

Outline Amy iPhone art Outline Amy iPhone art

iColorama is an interesting app with both simple editing tools (like you'd find in most photo editing apps) and more complex effects. One of my favourite effects is 'ray' which is very much like pixel sorting, but not quite. I also like to use the various colour filters and effects in the app.

The first set of images I had already edited in Photoshop, so that's why they have some more depth to them. The others are edits I did entirely on my phone, mostly in iColorama, the last two images I did in Trigraphy which is great for adding texture to images. And I mean serious texture, my favourite is one that looks like flaking paint on a wall.

I wouldn't necessarily use these apps to edit everything, and I definitely wouldn't use them to edit a bigger project from start to finish, it would be far too fiddly, even if it is a relatively quick process. I do prefer the flexibility of software (like Photoshop), as the pre-determined app filters and warps are difficult to be super precise with. I can also, of course, team up Photoshop with other software too and ping between programs all day long.

The apps are great for quick bursts of creativity, or just when you have a bit of time to twiddle your thumbs. It would obviously be a good option for editing on the go, especially if you're too broke to own an iPad pro. Hands up in the comments if you're broke too.

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