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27 October 2017

Halloween pumpkin iphone and desktop wallpapers
Sorry things have been quiet on the blog front. It's not that I haven't had things to show you, I just have little motivation right now, and I run out of daylight hours quite frequently. This is just a quick halloween-ish themed post some pumpkin iphone and desktop wallpapers for you to download.

I've been trying to use my sketchbooks a little bit more and the other day I was doodling cobwebs, ghoulish words and of course, pumpkins. So I decided to translate the pumpkins into Illustrator and do a simple pattern. Naturally I had to make some wallpapers, just to make sure the pattern repeated properly.....and in three different versions.

As always these wallpapers are for your personal use only. Enjoy!

Black and white pumpkin iphone wallpaper / desktop wallpaper

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