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26 September 2017

Having had a week (and a half) off work I've had a bit of time to indulge on Skillshare where you can take 'classes' in everything from graphic design to marketing. It really does have everything. The experiments I want to share with you today I made after watching this class on making a layer colour effect in Photoshop.

It's something I've already done, as you might have seen in my 'photos from outer space' post, but the class showed me just how much you can do when you mess with colour channels.

I really enjoy messing about with colour and doing this with colour channels in Photoshop is actually really easy when you get the hang of it. If you're baffled by the term you can check out this video on youtube for an explanation (he rambles a lot, but you'll get the gist).

For these images, in particular, I used gradients, filters, I added noise and texture, and pretty much anything else I could think of to distort and colour them. Of course, you can see that even with the same image you can achieve something very different by focusing more on one colour channel or technique than another.

I'm hoping to use this kind of effect in some paint to digital art that I've done, which I'll also be sharing soon. It's quite abstract anyway, so I think this effect, toned down slightly, will suit it well. This kind of process isn't just limited to photos, though it does work better if an image is more monochrome.

I'll continue to use this process as I enjoy the glitches and colours it can create to make some interesting and vibrant images. They'll be some more posts on things I've learnt from Skillshare soon, I just want to refine some things and create some more before I post them.

P.s. - all images used are from Unsplash.

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