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1 August 2017

Awesome enamel pins
I've never been a collector of things, aside from stones from beaches (sorry beaches), but recently I decided I wanted to get myself some enamel pins. I follow quite a few artists, designers and makers on Twitter and Instagram so I kept seeing them pop up in my feeds... one thing led to another and now I have quite a few.

Pins are generally quite cheap, for me cheap would be under £10 for something like this, but I can understand that some people might think it's expensive for one small item. But when someone has put a lot of effort and talent into designing something I guess I don't mind.

Awesome enamel pins

I started with a glorious moon phase pin from Rachel at ONR. and then kinda got carried away with searching for other pins on Etsy. (I have a list on there with 100+ pins in, so I'm not kidding). My favourite find was this giraffe pin by Rosie Wonders. I actually squealed when I saw it, I'm a tall gal with a great love for giraffes so finding a pin to reflect that was ace.

Recently I popped down to Brighton for the day and picked up a couple of pins from US makers (from Family Store) that otherwise, I might not have got my hands on. (The green haired winking girl and silver cat).

Awesome enamel pinsGenerally, I go for pins that I think carry a bit of humour (or are just cute, just kidding I will buy anything shiny or with a cat on it). My latest pin purchase was the Grand High B*tch pin (the meanie from the film The Witches) from Clorty Cat Crafts. My mouth kinda dropped when I stumbled across it. It's genius.

Anyway, let me stop obsessing/rambling/getting overexcited and flustered. All other pins and makers are listed below for your pleasure and possible purchases.

Egg pin - UStudio
Palm Tree pin - Skinny Dip
Legs/Tights pin - Cousins Collective & Black Booze Illustrations collaboration 

(Opps almost forgot - the pennant I have my pins on is also from Cousins Collective)

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