Sketchbook - take two

30 August 2017

Do you ever just sit at home and suddenly have the urge to use all the markers, pens, and fineliners that you have? That's what happened to me this week. I couldn't contain my urge to just make a bit of a mess and have a play around with colours and different techniques.

So I went on a bit of a rampage with some Winsor & Newton Promarkers/Brushmakers along with my favourite Stabilo Pen 68s and some fineliners. I didn't have anything particular in mind that I wanted to draw, so please don't ask me what these are supposed to be. I just had a lot of frustration to get out, k?

So I started off with my Promarkers and Brushmarkers as they're extremely well pigmented and can also be layered up. They do also blend but I didn't really focus on doing that here, as it just didn't matter. If they do look blended in places it's because they sort of do that anyway on their own when you overlay two similar colours while the pigment is still 'wet'. 

As you can see from the first sketch I decided to use all the colours. I then popped about half the colours from the pack of Stablio 68 pens that I have over the top to create some different shapes and texture. 

With the second sketch I wanted to do something a little more tame, so I chose three shades of blue, and doodled some different shapes around and over them. From right to left I used a Uniball fineliner, a Stablio 68 black pen, and a Faber-Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen.

Then I moved on to something monochrome. I'd forgotten that I had a black paper pad and also some white Posca pens. At first the pens didn't want to flow properly (probably because I hadn't used them in ages) but I got there in the end. Hands up if you can spot the dots of angry that flew onto the paper. 

Again I didn't have an aim here, but sometimes you just need to loosen up, ya know? The thicker white line is where a massive splodge landed so I just turned the paper and let it drip until it accidently connected with my knuckle. 

I think that's it for my 'just for fun' sketchbook post. I know these photos are a little weird and dark but you can thank today's rainy weather for that. I didn't want to mess with them too much in Photoshop as they just started to look super over exposed. Same with my camera settings, it just wasn't having it today and no way was I getting into a hot mess with my daylight bulb and softbox.

See you next time. Here's some music...

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