Sketchbook - Take 1

17 July 2017

Sketchbook art - outline amy
I actually doodled these particular pages in my sketchbook aaaggggges ago but I've only now just got around to sorting out the photo (and doing daft things with it as you can see - !)

I enjoy mixing up my styles when I'm drawing, changing medium and just have a bit of a play with new things. For instance, with most of the flowers I drew, I started off with a 0.05 fine liner pen, which I hardly ever touch. I'm much more of a 0.5 or 0.8 mm girl. It was good to try something else though and I changed my grip on the pen too, to the top half, to make my movements a little looser.

Over on the other page, I tested out a new felt tip kind of pen for me, a Stabilo Pen 68 which is just a joy. I mean yes, I love this pen and appreciate that loving a pen is weird to most people. Or are most of you just weird? I think so.

When I sketch I also like to consider what I can scan in and make digital, like the triangles, eyes, and squiggles. I might make a little pattern out of them at some point.

That's it for now folks. I'm off to listen to my favourite song at the moment, Kill vs Maim by Grimes.

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