Free download - Abstract desktop & iPhone wallpapers

28 July 2017

free desktop and iPhone wallpapers
Surprise! - I've got two desktop and iPhone wallpapers for you!

I made these from a couple of paintings I did a few weeks ago. Mostly I was just testing out some new colours and paint brushes, but I decided to turn my abstract experiments into some free goodies.

There are two different designs, pink with gold/copper and greeny-turquoise with bright yellow. They're cropped slightly differently for the different devices to make the most of them.

free desktop and iPhone wallpapers

free desktop and iPhone wallpapers

Abstract desktop & iPhone wallpapers - Outline Amy

I hope you enjoy these wallpapers, leave me a comment or tweet me if you use them. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some more free downloadables soon. 

Please share if you want to but remember that this work was created for personal use only.


  1. These are super cute - have downloaded the blue one bc it matches my blue chromebook haha!

    Carla x


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