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31 May 2017

*They see me votin', they hatin'* - Well I sure as hell hope you're voting and that no one is giving your heat for it. The other week I drew a couple of 'vote' images and shared them on my Instagram and Twitter.

A few people shared them on so I though, why not let you guys download them in different colours and give you some PDFs to print too. There are two versions, a box and a bubble. 

Each design has a background colour of either green, pink, orange, or blue. The PDF versions of each I've also done in black & white in case you've not got much ink in ye olde printer. (I never do, I feel ya).

Grab the images here:

What's important is that if you're registered to vote, go out and vote on June the 8th. Make your voice heard, even if you don't want to vote for any of the candidates in your area and want to spoil your ballot. Go ahead, just make your voice heard.

You can view a summary of the 'main parties' manifestos here. If you're really stuck, check out Vote for Policies - you can do a quiz based on issues that matter to you and whose policies you prefer. I Side With also offers a great quiz that is a little less wordy and focuses more on your views rather than the party's policies. It will spit out a % result and tell you the party you align with the most.

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