Freebie: Smiling heart wallpaper

25 May 2017

Free heart illustration desktop and iphone wallpaper
Hey hey hey.

I thought that in my first actual, official, 'omg I need to do this' post I would share a heart sketchbook doodle I did in the form of a free desktop and iPhone wallpaper. I've been messing around in Adobe Illustrator ya see, so seamless patterns are kind of my thang now - so expect more goodies like this.

I'll try and share with you pages from my sketchbook as I place ink on them (see my Instagram for more).

Please note that the wallpapers don't have 'Outline Amy' on them, that's for the preview image and people who are overactive with their mouses and Pinterest accounts.

*You don't have to have an iPhone though, should be okay for most screen sizes.

For personal use only.

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